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China stop three minutes in memory of the people death of the COVID-19 at the Qingming Festival

  • Author:Uniboo-Jane Tan
  • Release on:2020-04-03
April 5 is ourQingming Festival, it’s also called “Tomb-sweeping Day” “Arbor Day”. It's atraditonal festival, is one of the most important festival of China, in which peoplememory their dead relatives. We also go to sweep their graves to show ourrespects.

At 2020, for thenovel coronavirus(COVID-19), China government stop three minutes in memory ofthe people death of the COVID-19 together, especially for the doctor at10:00am. Citizens mourn, Cars, Trains and Ships whistle, Air defense alarmrings at same time, In Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, all traffic lightsin urban areas turned red at 10:00am, and all road traffic ceased for threeminutes. China has made a great sacrifices to fight with the epidemic, thisepidemic is a great challenge of the total world, all countries should worktogether to overcome difficulties.

P.S. We are not onduty during April 3 to April 6.

(the picture takenby Xinhua news agency Junxi Liu)