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Tips to help fight COVID-19

  • Author:Uniboo Jane Tan
  • Release on:2020-03-23
How to fightagainst COVID-19 became a worldwide topic recently, and in China many peoplegiving such warm and honest advice from their experience. LikeJack Ma and Jack MaFoundation jointly established the Global MediXchange for Combating COVID-19programme, they give a detailed introduction about prevention and treatment of COVID-19, it includinghow to do screening for suspected COVID-19 cases, how to do different levels ofprotection, all the things that can be visually, no matter citizens and doctorswill be find it very useful.

There's a link toit right here


You can read thehandbook online or download it for free, and the Italian, Spanish Korean, Japaneseversion will coming soon.

And if you need some disposable mask, or otherEpidemic prevention materials,

please kindly notify us, we will try our best find some supplier for you.